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What is Time Me?

Time Me is an exercise interval timer available on the Google Play store

Why was Time Me created?

Like many of us, i’ve dabbled with exercise over the years, and as we all do, I hunted for quick fixes and the latest exercise fads that might turn me into a beast overnight.

But sadly, I soon learned, the only way to get fit was through hard work and dedication, there was no super pill or magic formula.

So being in the age of technology I immediately reached for my phone and headed over to the app store to look for an app that would make things a bit easier.

And sure enough, there were hundreds of apps that dealt with every exercise style that I could think of…and a few i’d never even heard of!

But even with this wealth of apps, I just couldn’t find one that did everything I wanted, and any that did come close, just seemed to be cluttered and fiddly.

So I decided to make my own.

In no time at all, what had started as an experiment, soon took on a life of its own and the ideas started flooding in.

Now, where to start?

I’d never created an app before and my programming knowledge was pretty much non-existent, but this seemed like a great place to start.

Whilst researching the plethora of different exercise styles and plans over the years, one common idea seemed to resonate...your body adapts, so you need to keep changing your workouts to keep them fresh.

This got me thinking, wouldn’t it be great if there was an app that does this for you.

It seems so obvious when i thought about it, but to my amazement, none of the apps I had tried seemed to tackle this obvious problem.

I had my starting point!

All I had to do now, was work out how to incorporate this into my app, but keep it organic.

Then it hit me, create a shuffle feature! Every music app does it, so why not a fitness app?

With a simple tap you could completely change your workout.

So I pulled out my laptop and got to work.

In no time at all, what had started as an experiment, soon took on a life of its own and the ideas started flooding in.

Before long, I had the basis of a great exercise app that I couldn't wait to try. But before I could, I needed to create a design that would link it all together.


I wanted it to feel instantly familiar to anyone who had used a smartphone before and I wanted it to be clean and sleek, whilst still giving the user the information they needed.

I started off by thinking about what information the user would want to see when they browse their workouts, obviously they would need to see the name of their workout, the length of time it would take to complete, what exercises were in their workout, the intensity, etc... etc.

But before long I just had a big old cluttered mess!

This went against everything I was trying to accomplish with my app, so (a bit disheartened), I scrapped the lot and started again.

Ok, clearly there was a lot of information the user needed to see, but did they need to see it all at once?

This got me thinking about email apps, they didn't try to bombard the user with all of the information at once, they gave a brief summary of the information which the user could then tap on to get more detailed information.

It was the perfect solution, and with my new found enthusiasm, I started designing my app.

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