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Why Burn?

Whether you’re looking to build muscle, loose weight or just become more flexible, Burn is the right choice for you.

With its high level of customisation and feature rich tools, there’s nothing burn can’t handle.

Whether you want Super sets, Drop sets, HIIT, Tabata, or anything in between… Burn does it all.

Custom workout plans

Burn’s comprehensive plan builder makes creating your own professional workout plans a breeze.  No more waiting for plans to be added, or making do with the plans that come bundled.​

3D animated exercises

With over 400 fully animated exercises, Burn's got you covered

Any workout style

Super sets, Drop sets, HIIT, Tabata… Burn does it all!

Voice guided exercises

Voice guidance walks you through every step of your workouts, even when the screen is turned off.

No more spreadsheets

Progress and activity is monitored by Burn, so no more keeping complex spreadsheets or charts​

Trophies & unlockables

Trophies and unlockable items keep you motivated and goal focused… can you get them all!

No subscriptions

No sign ups, no monthly financial commitments, just one small payment and it’s yours forever!​

With its simple template system, workouts grow with you.  Start simple and then increase as you progress.


Ready to increase the weight you lift?  Simply change it once and all your workouts now use the new weight, it’s as simple as that.


Looking to add some variation to a workout, or plan?  Not a problem, simply clone it with one tap and change what you need, without having to create a brand new workout from scratch, or losing the original.


Try it now, for free!

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